Who doesn't love llama's, especially punk? Join us in this exciting collection of 5,100 llamma punk themed NFT which is just getting started and soon will bring news from outer space.

About Us

Outside of just the hilarious and amazing art, We want to emphasize 'the community'. Our project will have 0 royalty fee's you heard that correct! What this doesn't mean is that we will abandon our community. We want to bring you a system where you can buy art work without royality fees and gas fees. After launch we will be giving out rewards and plan on developing a game as well.


The project lives on Immutable X, a layer 2 for NFTs on the Ethereum blockhain with no GAS. Why is that important? Because you can use ETH in your metamask wallet and avoid GAS fees.



Punk llama was born in Cusco, Peru. Ever since he was little, he was getting into trouble for being different; He was known for being the bad kid on the block. Got expelled from school for his behavior and finally his parents decided to kick him out.

He ran away to the mountains but there wasn't much work there so Punk llama was always looking for new ways to make money until he met his most ghetto cousin Chaski who was super excited talking about cryptos. After hearing so much about cryptos'benefits, he decided to do some research. After many sleepless nights, and lots of research he made his first million in cryptos from Bitcoin. A lot of people still judging Punk llama for his looks and the amount of weed he smokes but little do they know he has more money than them.


8 bodies


13 piercings

web piercings

10 glasses

web glassess

8 hats

web hat

7 chains

web mouth

5 clothes

web clothes

4 smokes

web mouth accesories

13 eyes

web eyes

6 accessories

web accesories

2 bgs

web bg

Each Llama Punk is equipped with a unique combination of characteristics, which makes each NFT 100% distiguishable from the rest of the collection.

5,100 unique llamas